Edgewood Designs are unique, one of a kind, food serving boards fabricated in Waltham, MA just outside of Boston.  The boards are used for serving and displaying cheeses, charcuterie, breads, hors d’oeuvres, sushi and much more.  We sell to restaurants, kitchenware stores and to the many discerning shoppers who buy our boards at crafts & artisan shows as well as the local farmers markets we attend during the year.  All of the boards are made of either maple, walnut or cherry and are food safe receiving multiple coats of food grade mineral oil.  

Please check out our gallery of currently available boards and some of our designs that have previously sold.  They also make great house warming and holiday gifts and can add a stylish accent piece to any kitchen or dining room’s decor.

locally-made home decor

There are two people I’d like to thank, for without them Edgewood Designs would not exist.  The first is Susan, my love and soulmate for the past 25 years. She’s been my biggest supporter and partner in this process and helps with her ideas, marketing skills and greets all of the people who stop by our booth at the artisan & craft shows with her warm & friendly smile.  Susan also makes beautiful music on her own as a harpist & dancer.  I would also like to thank Markus Ripperger, President & CEO of the Hampshire House Corp.  Several years ago Markus challenged me to see what I could do with 2 cherry wood logs.  The results are what you see today.  His encouragement, advice, ideas and friendship continues today. 



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